Create a new line identity for the Ho.Re.Ca offer. by JULIUS MEINL capable of characterizing the best selections of coffee from specific geographical areas of the world.In fact, more than 160 years ago, Julius Meinl was the pioneer of hand roasting in small batches. The new image of The Originals line wants to celebrate this uniqueness both in terms of the permanent assortment and for a limited edition Colombia blend.


For the permanent assortment The Originals we chose to start the journey by creating an illustrative frame capable of making the consumer experience the moment of selecting and harvesting the coffee fruits. A depiction which in its simplicity and immediacy manages to convey the care that Julius Meinl has always dedicated not only to the raw material but also to the cultivation of relationships with the local communities who work on the coffee plantations. This is also visually supported by the sealing wax treatment of The Originals stamp which aims to certify its daily commitment. However, as regards the limited edition Tres Dragones COLOMBIA product, we opted for the creation of a visual experience capable of transferring the colours, shapes and atmospheres of the territory. Even the choice of paper support for the pouch and for the adhesive label signifies the daily commitment that Julius Meinl dedicates to sustainability and care for the environment.


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