Define a positioning and realize the new brand and packaging design identity for the FINI-MINI ready-made soup line capable of intercepting younger consumers and differentiating themselves from the current range of products.


FINI-MINI, a brand of the PODRAVKA group, oversees the ready-made soup segment in Croatia and in the Adrian region. Speed ​​impresses with the new life still required a renewed product proposal to meet the growing demand for meals, at home or away from home, easy to prepare, balanced in nutritional intake and with high quality in the selection of ingredients. This is why Locanda Design has created an everyday life scene for the packaging design. A wooden top that in its white color enhances the typical red cup of FINI-MINI, the freshness of the ingredients and the chromatic differentiations within the range. The service information and the specifications of the pluses are written on a rustic paper that reaffirms the genuine and qualitative aspect of the product.


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