BioRitmo 3






To create the new line identity for the launch of a new multivitamins line: SUSTENIUM BIORITMO3 (MAN, WOMAN, MAN 60+, WOMAN 60+) A new concept of multivitamin with 3-phase technology able to release vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants at different times.


The multivitamins market represents one of the most dynamic and vibrant product categories. Not only from the business point of view but also from that of the visual identity. That shelf is generally characterized by the strong presence of bright colors, of immediate visibility and coding. In order to create differentiation with respect to competitors and wanting to have a strong visual impact on the shelf, Locanda Design has decided to work simultaneously on two elements: the type of the material (metallic cardboard) and the distinctive color within the category (green). The combination of the two elements has created iridescent lighting effects that have also contributed to the perceived SUSTENIUM BIORITMO3 as a dynamic, modern and innovative multivitamin brand. The reading of the personal and gender codes (man and woman) is left to the choice of specific and bright colors that work on the facing in correspondence with the main product information.


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